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About Avanti Computers

We first started off in business with a store called Media Maze in 1997. Media Maze was a store that sold computer software along with new and used video games. Decatur had a need for this type of business so Media Maze was founded to fill that niche. In 1998, Avanti Computers was purchased from the previous owner. In 2001, Pruitt Office Machines was also purchased to add some additional benefits and opportunities for us and our customers.

Avanti Computers has been in business now for 20 years with the current owner. When we first incorporated the Avanti business in with Media Maze, we were mostly servicing residential customers and a few businesses. We still do residential but have expanded into a lot more businesses, churches, doctors’ offices, local government offices and restaurants.  We have a retail store front along with the repair side of desktop computers and laptops. We will work on any make or model computer or laptop.  

Our main focus now is still computer service and repair for home and businesses (big and small)  We do in store and onsite service and even will pick up a computer to bring in store to work on at a minimal charge.  We also install and maintain many servers and networks and offer maintenance contracts for businesses to keep their computers running well.

We also love to build you your dream gaming computer or just your dream internet surfing computer.

  1. Educate the public. Don’t treat people like they’re stupid. Explain to them in normal terms.

  2. Quote a price up front. If there is a change we will call first and explain the additional work and cost, then you decide. No surprise bill at the end.

  3. Provide friendly, competent on-site service at a reasonable rate and at an acceptable time frame.

  4. A friendly atmosphere to do business in. We are willing to TALK to our customers.

  5. We are a family run, small business and we treat people how we would like to be treated. Golden Rule!

  6. Common sense applications. Our goal is to help the customer first. We will not try to sell you something you don’t need and will often tell you that it’s better off going in a different direction.

  7. Hire competent technicians. Most of our technicians play with computers even in their off time. Many times trying new products and applications.

  8. Offer great support. We are a local company and you can just come in and talk to us. We help many people make computer decisions for no charge. It comes back to the "educating the customer" principle.

  9. Offer computer parts for sale for the Do-In-Yourself person. If we don’t have it, we can get it or show you were it can be purchased from.